RosatoClogs, quality and experience of made in Italy!

Rocca Group S.r.l. is an important italian company of Asolo (TV), which operates in the field of hot stamping of plastic since 1980. From this long experience comes the RosatoClogs brand, which today produces several lines of professional rubber footwear for healthcare and not. With the help of modern machineries and a highly skilled manpower Rocca Group S.r.l. Is now able to work with the best quality standards in the market and export its products worldwide.

Located strategically within a high-density production area, Rocca Group S.r.l. is able to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of quality and quantity. Perfectly served by highways, ports and airports, the company can also provide a fast, efficient and timely delivery service.

Design, production, packaging, storage and distribution for a complete cycle.

Design of models and molds entirely realized within the company through 3D CAD software and solid modeling. The RosatoClogs production is handled manually, where possible, to always offer a product of great build quality. Fast and efficient logistics chain for every single customer, standardized packaging and storage to offer quality and safety in shipments.