SECUR STRAP (Art 40) – ROSATO EFFECT – Professional rubber sanitary clogs, with adjustable back strap.


– Antistatic polymer rubber compound.
– Autoclavable at 134 °.
– Hypoallergenic material (latex free).
– 100% recyclable.
– Certified anti-slip sole.
– Heel with shock absorber.
– Anatomic and massaging fit.
– Protected top and ventilated side.
– Sizes from EU 34 to EU 47, see table.
– Certified according to EN-ISO & SRC.

Rosato has launched a NEW line to always be chic, and have style even during the working day. Our GLITTER CLOGS are specially designed for pharmacists, beauticians and doctors, but also for those who work in clinics, wellness centers and for all those who love to always keep up with fashion!
Rosato Clogs Secur Strap model (art 40) is suitable for many professional applications, where cleaning is essential. The Secur Strap model is built in washable antistatic polymer rubber and can be autoclaved at 134 ° for maximum hygiene, it has a smooth surface and has a top protected against the accidental contact of hot, corrosive substances etc. It is equipped with a practical adjustable strap and is comfortable thanks to the anatomical and massaging fit with a cushioned heel, it is always safe thanks to a certified non-slip sole.

Available sizes


EU 34 / 35 EU 36 / 37 EU 38 / 39 EU 40 / 41 EU 42 / 43 EU 44 / 45 EU 46 / 47
Available sizes


EU 34/35 EU 36/37 EU 38/39 EU 40/41
EU 42/43 EU 44/45 EU 46/47